Benefits And Features

Adams Keegan Company, a national provider of integrated human resources, payroll, onboarding, benefits management, and employee benefits administration services focused on the hospitality industry, has released a significant update to Efficenter, its Internet-based human resources (HRIS). Efficenter offers a wide range of HR functions through a secure and configurable web hub. The system eliminates many administrative tasks and provides more security and accuracy than paper-based employee administration.Efficenter Efficenter, our HRIS, integrates with other management systems and provides a single version of the truth for employee-related operations. Their permanent team of experts from all key HR disciplines takes your call and knows you by name. This unique approach differs from that of SaaS or payroll-only providers. While our technology compares well to every other vendor on the market, it can attract and retain customers through its people and a distinctive service culture that puts customers first.

Benefits And Features Of Efficenter Adams Keegan Portal

Integrate With Your Systems

Adams Keegan’s HRIS, Efficenter, integrates seamlessly with your ledger, point of sale, applicant tracking (such as iCIMS), and other in-house or third-party systems. Data must only be entered once at each touchpoint to fill the entire system. The result is a system of record that produces a single set of numbers that tells a consistent and accurate story.

Solutions Customized To Fit Your Needs

We do not offer off-the-shelf products or services. Each solution provided by Adams Keegan caters specifically to the needs of each of our customers. You will find that Adams Keegan’s sales cycle differs from other vendors. Rather than calling our sales to cycle a sales cycle, we might better describe it as a conversation cycle. They start with a series of interviews to learn more about your business and its needs. After that, we present the solution that best fits YOUR needs, not ours.

ABC – Always Be Compliant

Its customers face accelerated rates of change under federal and state regulations. Adams Keegan’s process automation, people experience, and advice eliminate the headaches and uncertainty associated with regulatory changes. From jobless claims and Affordable Care Act tracking and reporting to automated electronic verification and background checks, they can ensure their clients can focus on customer satisfaction rather than employer-related costs.