Efficenter, the web-based human resources information system (HRIS) used by Adams Keegan, who has been part of the human resources departments of several hotels and hospitality companies across the country since 2001, recently received an update. The system provides integrated HR, payroll, onboarding, performance management, and benefits administration services for hotels and hospitality businesses. Through extensive internal efforts, the company has focused on improving platform functionality and user experience over the past 12 months.Efficenter This fully compliant, configurable, and secure hub consolidates large amounts of data, eliminates many administrative tasks, and frees you from manual paper-based routines. Depending on their role, each participant can log in and see information right away. Therefore, it means that your company and your employees work more efficiently and that you have more time and resources to develop your employees and your culture. Today you will learn in detail about the features of Efficenter Adams Keegan.

Function Of Efficenter Adams Keegan

Payroll And Timekeeping

  • We create a salary system within the payroll department by entering salary data.
  • In addition to completing clocks, the system combines time and attendance software for full clock functionality.
  • You can make a direct deposit through your bank account.


  • Customization is quick and easy.
  • We offer real-time services to our customers.
  • It allows users to measure program results using historical data and make predictions based on past results.

HR Administration

  • When new hires join the company, a paperless onboarding system allows them to get up to speed quickly and efficiently, which expedites the onboarding process.
  • To assess the performance of our employees, we carry out a performance appraisal.
  • No matter where you are and what time of day, you can access your employment data anytime with the employee digital file.
  • We process unemployment insurance claims and attachments arising from these claims.
  • Using a digital signature, you can sign documents digitally.

Employee Benefits And Benefits Administration

  • An online benefits registration system is safe and easy to use.
  • Email notification to new hires informing them of their entitlement to benefits.
  • We provide information and materials about the benefits of participating in a health insurance program through an online resource portal.